Ball games… which do you like?

Ball games… which do you like?

Are you into sports? Some love soccer, football, basketball, baseball, most of them are ball games. Women and men alike, many people love watching a good sports game. Now as world is on hold in home quarantine no thanks to Covid-19, you are by yourself or with family trying to find new ways to spend time. 

If you have a little luxury of few bucks and want to play a different ball game, there is one called Powerball Game. No, you wont play with an actual ball, but it is a lottery game played in US, Australia and some other countries. You will select numbers from range of white and red balls and wait for the draw to see if you won matching number. 

How to Play Powerball 파워볼사이트 Game 

It is similar to any lottery. You will select random numbers, fist five numbers from 69 white balls, and one number from 26 red balls. Some say choosing odd numbers may raise your chance to win. You may try for yourself to find out if true or not. 

Once you have the numbers you would purchase a ticket from retailer and take your numbers or may choose to let your retailer pick numbers on your behalf. The rather one will cost you USD 1 or more depending on the card/ticket. 

Each play will cost USD 2, and one can purchase maximum of USD125 equivalent of tickets. 

Feel free to ask us for more details. 

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